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At Mounthill, you are at the heart of everything we do. Be it building homes, constructing workplaces or creating landmarks. We develop real estate properties that are eco-friendly, using high quality materials. Assuring you a space that matches your dreams and aspirations.

Besides, the company has a series of landmark residential & commercial projects lined up for Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. Each of it promises to reshape the skyline of the cities forever.

Mission & Vision


To create world-class 'built to last' real estate properties that excels in incorporating latest technologies, minimizing environmental payloads, benchmarking business management processes and providing best-in-class customer experience.


To be a global real estate company admired for our performance, people, processes and philanthropy.



Hemant Kumar Sikaria
Founder & CMD

With over 11 years of experience in diverse fields, the dynamic young entrepreneur's vision is to push the skyline upwards for many Indian cities. Behind him stands a strong team of experienced & qualified professionals, bringing with them critical inputs that are indispensable for the success of any business venture.

Srikant Sikaria
Co - Founder & Director

Mr. Srikant Sikaria is a Chartered Financial Analyst and holds a MS Finance Degree from ICFAI, Hyderabad. He has over 7 years of experience in the field of corporate administration & management as well as export & import. He is the pillar of our overall planning & development at Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd.



Arup Chakraborty
Sr. VP - Projects

With over 21 years of experience in Construction, Real Estate and Maintainance sector, Arup Chakroborty is responsible for comprehensive execution of the Mounthill Realty projects, planning resource management, project scheduling, developing and implementing processes, controlling quality, cost & time. He also provides a robust interface with other company departments and service groups in the execution of the projects. His contribution through problem solving skills reflected during work interferences, schedule difficulties, and contract compliance coupled with analytical skills demonstrated through project planning and management, proposal development and contract management is one of the key pillars of strength for Mounthill.


Atanu Ghosh
VP - Operations & Customer Services

Atanu Ghosh has over 14 years of experience in Banking and Real Estate industry and has a success record of providing exceptional operational strategy and leadership, service to the customer, innovative and process improvement, operations expansion and integration and financial performance and growth for Mounthill. He is a motivational team leader with a participative management style and heads the Operations and Customer service team. He has the unique ability to recognize individual strengths and strongly believes that 'Customer satisfaction' is the main objective of Mounthill.


Equal Opportunities

Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. will provide equal opportunities to every employee. Each employee will be treated with dignity. Employee policies and practices will be administered in a manner that would ensure that in all matters equal opportunity is provided to those eligible and the decisions are merit-based.

Gifts and Donations

Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. and its employees will neither receive nor offer or make, directly or indirectly, any illegal payments, remunerations, gifts, donations or comparable benefits that are intended to, or perceived to obtain business or uncompetitive favours for business conduct. However Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. and its employees may accept and offer nominal gifts which are customarily given and are of commemorative nature for special events.

Government Agencies

Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. and its employees will not offer or give any company funds or property as donation to any government agencies or their representatives, directly or through intermediaries, in order to obtain any favourable performance of official duties.

Political Non-alignment

At Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. we will be committed to and support a functioning democratic constitution and system with a transparent and fair electoral system in India. Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. will not support directly or indirectly any specific political party or candidate for political office. The company will not offer or give any company funds or property as donations, directly or indirectly, to any specific political party, candidate or campaign.

Health, Safety and Environment

At Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. our organization will strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment and comply, in the conduct of its business affairs, with all regulations regarding the preservation of the environment of the territory it operates in. The company will be committed to prevent the wasteful use of natural resources and minimise any hazardous impact of the development, production, use and disposal of any of its products and services on the ecological environment.

Quality of Products and Services

Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. will be committed to supply products and services of the highest quality standards backed by efficient after-sales service consistent with the requirements of the customers to ensure their total satisfaction. The quality standards of the company's products and services should at least meet the required national standards and the company should endeavour to achieve international standards.

Ethical Conduct

Every employee of Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd., which includes whole-time directors and the managing director, will deal on behalf of the company with professionalism, honesty, integrity as well as high moral and ethical standards. Such conduct will be fair and transparent and be perceived to be such by third parties. Every employee will be responsible for the implementation of and compliance with the code in his professional environment. Failure to adhere to the code could attract the most severe consequences including termination of employment.

Regulatory Compliance

Every employee of Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd., in his business conduct, will comply with all applicable laws and regulations, both in letter and in spirit, in all the territories in which he operates. If the ethical and professional standards set out in the applicable laws and regulations are below that of the code, then the standards of the code will prevail.

Securities Transactions and Confidential Information

An employee of Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. and his immediate family will not derive any benefit or assist others to derive any benefit from the access to and possession of information about the company or the group which is not in the public domain and thus constitutes insider information. An employee of Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. will not use or proliferate information which is not available to the investors and which therefore constitutes insider information for making or giving advice on investment decisions on the securities of the respective Mounthill Realty’ company on which such insider information has been obtained.

Such insider information might include the following :

  • Acquisition and divestiture of businesses or business units
  • Financial information such as profits, earnings and dividends
  • Announcement of new product introductions or developments
  • Asset revaluations
  • Investment decisions/plans
  • Restructuring plans
  • Major supply and delivery agreements
  • Raising finances

Protecting Company Assets

The assets of a Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. should not be misused but employed for the purpose of conducting the business for which they are duly authorised. These include tangible assets such as equipment and machinery, systems, facilities, materials, resources as well as intangible assets such as proprietary information, relationships with customers and suppliers, etc.

Integrity of Data Furnished

Every employee of Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. will ensure, at all times, the integrity of data or information furnished by him to the company.

Reporting Concerns

Every employee of Mounthill Realty Pvt. Ltd. will promptly report to the management any actual or possible violation of the code or an event he becomes aware of that could affect the business or reputation of his or any other organization under Mounthill Realty.

Appreciation from our customers

"I really got high returns out of my investment in Sonartori, it covered all my objectives. I would highly recommend to others who would choose to invest in a safe, secure & happy future."
- N. Bose

"Mr. Sikaria, we thought the whole process is going to be cumbersome with all the decisions that were to be made, but you made it a pleasurable experience. Your timely advice made decision making easier during the construction phase.
- Mr. R. Roy

"Now that this project is almost complete,we are very pleased with the outcome and the team support. We will readily recommend Bellagio Lvl Nxt to our neighbours and will certainly contact with you again."
- Mr. A. Ghosh

Let me begin by congratulating you for the exceptional service offered at all times when needed. I found members of Mounthill team to be professional, courteous, reliable, timely and patient. All my emails were responded to promptly and my phone calls were also returned promptly.
- Debasis Roy

I have been associated with Mounthill since inception. They are truly a high-calibre team. “Your enthusiasm, professionalism and regular communications has always been excellent and we thank you for working on our behalf.
- Fukhruddin Siraj Calcuttawala

Me and My Wife were Looking for a Home situated in Rajarhat, Kolkata. Everyone at Mounthill is incredibly responsive and proved to be good listeners - all of my needs were heard and met. My dream home is at Bellagio now and I am so overwhelmed by this project that I cannot wait for the next phase.
- Vijay Prakash Goel

In appreciation to all the team members at Mounthill Realty, I have no hesitation in recommending them for future business. I found them to be very professional, genuine and thorough.
- Nandlal Khushwa